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Fort Dodge Location Graphic

Why Fort Dodge?

The Greater Fort Dodge region enjoys a business-friendly tax code and minimal business costs, as well as a highly-skilled workforce. For these reasons, our economy continues to flourish as global and local businesses choose to expand and establish new roots here.

Today, we continue to be one of Iowa's leading contributors to the bioscience and renewable fuels industries.  On both large and small scales, the region consistently sees business growth across several sectors, which greatly impacts our local economy both indirectly and directly. In addition to global corporations and initiatives, we have also experienced an increase in the presence of restaurants, hotels, retail establishments, and other small businesses.

Community collaboration helps the Greater Fort Dodge area improve quality of life amenities and attract a diverse and skilled workforce, all while maintaining a competitive economic development position for business recruitment and job growth. As the economy improves, Fort Dodge, along with the surrounding towns and cities of Webster County, will continue to be a leading example for Iowa’s economic vision and goals.

Why Iowa?

The Iowa Finance Authority has compiled and released its comprehensive Iowa Profile.  Click the link to review this impressive summary of Iowa’s demographic, quality of life, housing, and economic data.