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Entertainment and Recreation

Excitement abounds in the Greater Fort Dodge Area: Theatre productions, musical and vocal concerts, sporting events, outdoor recreation, festivals, and downtown outdoor markets keep folks here busy and entertained. Add to that the beautiful outdoor areas along the Des Moines River, and you’ll see why our region shines.

101 Ways to Enjoy Webster County

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Attractions and Events

The Fort Dodge area boasts a vast array of attractions and events: a renowned art museum and thriving arts association, fantastic dining, concerts and theater performances—to name just a few.

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Outdoor Recreation

The Fort Dodge Area boasts a plethora of outdoor activities.

Hikers can choose from more than seventy miles of trails, including twenty-five miles with a hard surface, as well as sixty-five miles of water trails that provide a passage through the city and surrounding area. Of the water trails, the Des Moines River and Lizard Creek  offer gorgeous surroundings for kayakers and canoeists.

There are some beautiful parks to experience, including Dolliver Park, which has many canyons, bluffs, and flatlands over a four hundred and fifty-acre area. Many local parks offer access to the beauty of the area for outdoor enthusiasts. A system of trails, including the local Soldier Creek Nature Trail, connects hikers to Iowa’s well developed state trail system.

Those who enjoy aquatic life will enjoy the Rosedale Rapids Aquatic Center and the Olsen Park Splash Pad. Visitors that want to include arcade games in their aquatic activities should visit Fort Frenzy to play with bumper boats, mini golf, bowling, and many other fun activities for the whole family.

Brushy Creek State Park and John F. Kennedy Memorial Park are two great locations for campers and outdoor adventurists. There are over 10,000 acres in public parks in Webster County, so there is a location to fit every desire.

Harlan and Hazel Rogers Sports Complex features baseball and softball fields as well a ten soccer fields. This sports arena is almost a mini-replica of Fenway Park or Wrigley Field. This complex is also the proud host of the Girls State Softball Tournament.

To explore what Greater Fort Dodge has to offer, check out Visit Fort Dodge.