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Surrounding Communities

Greater Fort Dodge is centrally located in a wealth of strong communities. Many people come to this area to show, take part in events, or enjoy the natural resources. Also, many residents of Fort Dodge travel to surrounding areas to enjoy all of the many things that they have to offer. Many unique attractions, educational opportunities, and restaurants are nearby. This region is a tight knit community because we rely on each other to foster business relationships and encourage economic growth. Below is a list of communities and counties in our region.


Badger Township was organized on October 10, 1865, and the town of Badger was laid out and plotted by Charles Knudson in 1882. Knudson is known as the "Founder of Badger". Myron fleming was the first settler in the town of Badger. He served as the first postmaster, and he built and operated the first general store in 1881. His daughter Josie was the first child born in Badger in 1882. Otto Ottoson and N.P. Hill built the first elevator in 1885. One year later, the Peevie Company built another elevator nearby.  Both of these elevators were purchased by the Quaker Oats Company. In 1902, the Farmers Elevator Company was organized, and in 1942 it was reorganized and became the Badger Cooperative Elevator.  In 1973, it merged with the Vincent Co-op Elevator and formed the New Co-op. A local farmer, Tom Chantland, developed a superior open-pollinated corn.


Barnum is a city in Webster County, Iowa, United States just off U.S. Route 7. Barnum lies within the Manson Northwest Webster School District and houses the district's elementary school.


Callender, IA (50523) is located in Webster County, Iowa.  Population 376.  Callender is located 14.24 miles  South West of Fort Dodge, IA (50501). Callender prides itself as a safe and healthy bedroom  community and a great place to raise a family. Content courtesy of the City of Callender.


Clare is a city in Webster County, Iowa, United States. Clare was settled around 1882 by immigrants from Clare County Ireland. Clare is also home to a United States post office on W Front St. Content courtesy of Wikipedia.


Dayton is an enterprising community located in the Southern part of Webster County.  It is believed that A. Peterson was the first person to settle in Dayton Township, in 1848.  Around the summers of 1851 and 1852 a number of Americans came to Dayton.  The Town of Dayton was laid out and named by Benjamin Allison in November of 1856.  Allison also built the first house in town and also started the first saw mill in 1856 that supplied the lumber for building. Some of the early settlers made their homes in caves in the hillsides and then later the log cabins were built.


Fort Dodge

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Gowrie is a bustling community nestled in the midst of north central Iowa's productive grain fields. It is a great place to visit and a wonderful place to live! The pace is a bit relaxed here but opportunities abound. Take a dip in the pool, revisit the past in our museum, hit the links at the golf course, walk a nature trail, attend a summer evening concert in the city park, or shop at one of our many fine businesses. These are just a sampling of the many things you can do here. Content courtesy of the City of Gowie.



Located in a valley, Lehigh is divided in two by the Des Moines River, unusual for such a small town. Originally the two halves of Lehigh were two separate towns. While the town on the west side of the River was always called Lehigh, the east town was called Slabtown, and a piece of history marks the east side's roots––a sign that hangs over the playground with the words "Slabtown Traders," perhaps alluding to the flea market that occurs there every summer during Lehigh River Days. The "Slabtown Traders" sign was blown over by a gust of wind in the summer of 2010. It survived several floods while being located on River St. Lehigh was surrounded by coal mines until the early 20th century and home to a large clay sewer pipe factory until the 1980s. Dolliver State Park, Brushy Creek State Recreation Area and Woodman Hollow State Preserve


The City of Manson was built upon the site of the Manson Impact Structure, the largest known meteorite crater in the United States.  The crater, measuring more than 23 miles in diameter, was created when a meteorite crashed into earth some 74 million years ago.  The crater now sits approximately 200 feet below the City of Manson.  Although the crater is not visible today, the impact of the meteor significantly changed the geography of the area.  As a result, the City of Manson was known for years as the “soft water capital of the world”. Content courtesy of the City of Manson.


Moorland is a small town in Webster County, Iowa, United States. The current post office, built in 1991 under President George H. W. Bush, is the only government building. The current postmistress, Brenda Sorenson, has been serving the community since 1997. Content courtesy of Wikipedia.


Otho is a city in Webster County, Iowa, United States. Content courtesy of Wikipedia.

State of Iowa


The Stratford citizens relish a wealth of outdoor opportunities that we would like you to come and enjoy. The City Park has two shelters including one that offers a kitchen and two playground areas; one geared to older children and another that is more appropriately size for the little kiddos. A gazebo sets the stage for many events from the annual Bluegrass Festival to a setting for an outdoor wedding. Many age ranges of folks enjoy the Stratford Municipal Pool. The recently renovated pool offers a zero depth entry and oodles of fun. Content courtesy of the City of Stratford.


Vincent is a city in Webster County, Iowa, United States. Content courtesy of Wikipedia.

Webster City

Webster County