Greater Fort Dodge offers a skilled, educated, and low cost workforce with a strong, Midwest work ethic.

Manufacturing makes up for the biggest part of the region’s workforce, and training the workers of tomorrow has always been a priority. An educated workforce means more motivated employees, lower training costs, shorter training periods, lower start-up costs, fewer accidents, and an excellence to be proud of in productivity and quality—and a variety of programs help match workers with the skills needed for local jobs.

Additional advantages include:

  • Iowa is a right-to-work state
  • Employment relationships are “at-will”—an employer may terminate an employment relationship at any time, with or without cause
  • In the advanced manufacturing sector, Iowan’s tend to stay in one job, on average, at least 15+ years.
  • Iowa has the second lowest turnover rate in the nation

Workforce Data

Laborshed analysis measures the availability and characteristics of workers within the Fort Dodge employment region. The total potential labor force in Fort Dodge and the surrounding area is nearly 158,000. The analysis also measures the distance workers are willing to commute for employment in the Fort Dodge area. Overall, workers in Webster County and the surrounding area are willing to commute 26 miles one-way for the right opportunity.

The following links provide information about our regional laborshed.