Catalyst Award

The Greater Fort Dodge Growth Alliance is now accepting nominations for the Catalyst Award to be presented at the Annual Dinner on March 2 at Fort Frenzy. This prestigious award is sponsored by the Greater Fort Dodge Growth Alliance and is our pinnacle award given each year.

The Catalyst Award celebrates the "inspiration, charity, wisdom, unifier, and breath of life" of a professional in this community. This high level of accomplishment by a person in our community is acknowledged and honored through receiving this award from the Growth Alliance .

In mythology, flame is symbolic of charity, wisdom, and love. Flame is associated with fire and fire is a manifestation of the breath of life and a central element as a unifier and a stabilizer. According to mythology, fire as flame is said to represent the "breath of life, inspiration, and enlightenment." Kindling a fire can equate to birth, the act of creation.

This symbolism is alive and well amongst many professionals in Fort Dodge. The Greater Fort Dodge Growth Alliance honors such a person with our annual Catalyst Award. In the past the award alternated between male and female recipients. That requirement no longer exists. The Catalyst award is now given to the most qualified individual.

To be a candidate for this award, the following criteria must be met:

1. The nominee must presently be a member of the Greater Fort Dodge Growth Alliance or employed by a member firm, and have shown active involvement in Growth Alliance sponsored committees/activities.

2. The nominee must be an active, visible leader who is a catalyst for implementing actions that enhance the economic and civic environment of the community.

3. The nominee must consistently demonstrate excellence in their business or profession and in community service.

4. The nominee must have contributed exemplary time and effort to promote community spirit and civic pride.

All nominations are due by noon on February 16, 2023. Click here to nominate a deserving individual.

Please contact Jill Nelson with questions at 515.955.5500 or

                     Past Catalyst Award Winners

Year of Service Year Award  Given Name of Recipient
2021 2022 Dave Flattery
2019 2020 Dr. Terry Moehnke
2018 2019 Bob Singer
2017 2018 John Taets
2016 2017 Bruce Shimkat
2015 2016 Scott McQueen
2014 2015 Kraig Barber
2013 2014 Randy Kuhlman
2012 2013 Deb Johnson
2011 2012 Terry Allers
2010 2011 Sue Thompson
2009 2010 Bennett O’Connor
2008 2009 Rhonda Chambers
2007 2008 Tom Tibbitts
2006 2007 Ann Lenox
2005 2006 Casey Johnson
2004 2005 Connie Lind-Fraher
2003 2004 Dennis Plautz
2002 2003 Ramona Weins
2001 2002 Mel Schroeder
2000 2001 Patty Donnelly
1999 2000 Larry Hickey
1998 1999 Cary Estlund
1997 1998 Dr. David Haggard
1996 1997 Anita Patterson
1995 1996 KaRene Egemo
1994 1995 Bev Baedke
1993 1994 Lin Simpson
1992 1993 Trudy Yoder
1991 1992 Claire F. Carlson
1990 1991 Judy Peters
1989 1990 Dr. Mary Sula Linney
1988 1989 Dr. Joyce Garton-Natte
1987 1988 Dr. June Gabler
1986 1987 Norma Schmoker