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Workforce Recruitment and Retention

April 23, 2020

Category: Business, Biz, COVID19

Workforce Recruitment and Retention

Employee retention and recruitment is truly the largest challenge in every midwest organization. One third of new hires quit their job after about six months. You may think, okay just hire the next person. Well, replacing these “quits” come at a cost to the company. A calculation method developed by David Rosnick from the Center for Economic and Policy Research, imparts the cost to replace an employee making $100,000, with factors such as job learning curve, job search HR costs, and advertising, can be closer to 50% and not the typical 20% previously thought of as the standard. Recruitment and retention programs have been developed to support our existing and future companies to ensure their success. Included in this catalog is a comprehensive list of tools that are offered to our companies. 

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