Business Climate

Greater Fort Dodge enjoys a  business-friendly tax code and minimal business costs, as well as a highly-skilled workforce. Our economy continues to flourish as global and local businesses choose to expand or establish here.

In 2016, we have seen an unprecedented amount of business growth on a large and small scale. In addition to global corporations and initiatives, we have experienced an increase of restaurants, hotels, retail, and other small businesses. The Greater Fort Dodge Alliance is proud to partner with this community and work together to further develop plans for things such as a recreation center and a crosstown connector.

Community collaboration helps the Greater Fort Dodge area experience exponential job growth. In the last three years, our area has created 1,100 jobs and our citizens have witnessed a record-breaking twelve percent wage growth. As the economy improves, Fort Dodge and the surrounding towns and cities of Webster County will continue to be a shining example in Iowa’s economic expansion.