Investing in Fort Dodge

Investing in Fort Dodge Main Photo

28 Nov 2018

Chad Thompson

Nestle Purina PetCare Co., a worldwide pet food company, continues to invest in its Fort Dodge facility, located along Fifth Avenue South — the city’s Corridor of Commerce.

The company is constructing a 10,000-square-foot water treatment facility, which will increase energy efficiency of the plant, according to Mark Layton, Purina factory manager.

Purina produces dog and cat food at its Fort Dodge location.

Layton said the multi-million-dollar water facility will optimize water use and treatment in the making of pet food. It will also minimize waste, he said.

“It’s doing our part environmentally,” Layton said. “Especially in the community we are living in, we want to be a good neighbor to everyone around us.”

Layton has been working in Fort Dodge since February. He’s been with Purina for about 10 years.

“To me it’s a strong investment in the company, saying Fort Dodge is important to us, critically important, and this is an investment long-term of this facility,” Layton said of the addition.

The water treatment facility is anticipated for completion in the spring.

Environmentally speaking, Tiffany Gildehaus, public relations strategist, reported that since 2017, Purina’s Fort Dodge plant has maintained a commitment to zero waste to landfills.

More than 220 people are employed at the Fort Dodge plant, which opened in 1975.

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