Residents and Business Executives Can Fly Direct To and From Fort Dodge Iowa

Residents and Business Executives Can Fly Direct To and From Fort Dodge Iowa Main Photo

12 Nov 2018

The Fort Dodge Regional Airport has been expanding service to destinations throughout the United States. With a runway large enough to fit President Trump’s’ Boeing 757, the Fort Dodge Regional Airport is the ideal solution for companies looking to land corporate aircraft, those flying in aircraft for distribution purposes, and consumer airline Air Choice One.

Businesses can benefit from utilizing the Fort Dodge Regional Airport

As a rural community, Fort Dodge offers businesses a unique combination of advantages, including a lower cost of doing business and access to a regional airport with a runway that can handle the largest of corporate jets. This is the #3 goal of businesses when making relocation decisions, according to a DOT survey.  

For local residents, there are many advantages to flying out of Fort Dodge

Commuters and vacationers are realizing how easy it is to fly from Fort Dodge to destinations throughout the country. Rather than packing up and driving 90-minutes to Des Moines, residents can drive five minutes to the Fort Dodge Regional Airport, park for free, check-in and wait in a short security line. The airport only requires passengers to arrive one hour before their departed flight so choosing to fly out of Fort Dodge can save travelers three hours or more. For the average business commuter, this means less time on the road and more time at home.

Air Choice One offers non-stop flights from Fort Dodge, seven days a week

With non-stop flights to Saint Louis seven days a week, non-stop flights to Minneapolis five days a week, and flights to Chicago five days a week, it is easy to reach major metros and the rest of the United States. Each of these destinations is a hub for major airlines, making it possible to connect with flights going to the east and west coasts. According to Rhonda Chambers, Director of Aviation for the Fort Dodge Regional Airport, “The majority of our travelers stay in one of the three cities Air Choice One flies to, with 16 percent going on to additional destinations. It is very convenient for people, so we have an increase in people using the service every month year over year.”

For local travelers Air Choice One offers many advantages, including:

#1 Reliability. The airline had a 1 percent cancelation rate last year, with no cancellations in the summer.

#2 Affordability. One-way flights are as little as $60 (taxes and fees included).

#3 Comfort. Their airplanes are luxurious and offer passengers a similar experience to what they could expect on a private aircraft. This includes supple leather seats, plenty of leg room, and large expansive windows.

The Fort Dodge Regional Airport is a community asset

In addition to being a valuable asset for businesses, and providing residents with a convenient way to travel, the airport also makes it possible for the annual Honor Flights for Veterans to take place. Seventeen Honor Flights have operated from the airport taking close to 2,000 veterans from the Fort Dodge area on a Sun Country Airlines B-737 to Washington DC to visit their memorials, with two more flights scheduled in 2019. This is only one example of how the airport is helping to make ideas a reality.

For more information on the Fort Dodge Regional Airport, contact to Rhonda Chambers, Director of Aviation for the Fort Dodge Regional Airport at

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