Cactus Family Farms committed to pork production

Cactus Family Farms committed to pork production Main Photo

11 Nov 2018

Kriss Nelson

After many years of producing solely beef, Cactus Family Farms began pork production in Iowa back in 2015.

And four years later, a company executive said things are going well.

Rod Leman, vice president of business development for Cactus Family Farms, said they purchased an existing pork company in Iowa in 2015 after purchasing another existing hog production company in 2014 in South Carolina.

Cactus Family Farms is headquartered in Osceola. It has partners in Hamilton, Story, and Webster counties, among others.

“We still have a base of employees that support those partners in that area,” Leman said. “In those counties we probably have about 20 to 30 employees.”

The company still maintains its trucking division and truck wash in Webster City, according to Leman.

Prior to the development of Cactus Family Farms, the company, Cactus Feeders, was exclusive to beef production.

“It was a diversification strategy,” said Leman. “We’re a meat and protein company and we were looking at the growth opportunities and I think there is a big growth opportunity in pork. It is the No. 1 meat consumed in the world.”

The transition into the pork producing business from strictly beef has been a smooth one.

“It was a purchase of an existing hog company, so you had the challenges of blending two cooperate cultures, but I think it’s gone OK,” Leman said. “There are lots and lots of employees that are still with us. There’s been some changes, but I think that is natural.”

He added Cactus Family Farms is an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) company.

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