Pederson strives for quality in all things

Pederson strives for quality in all things Main Photo

29 Oct 2018

What is important to you?

Family, service, quality. Family is always first. Nothing means more to me than my wife Jennifer, and our sons Gavin and Kyle. They influence all of my decisions. Service to my community is also very important to me. That’s why I’m a member of groups like the Noon Sertoma, Fort Dodge Young Professionals, and the First Presbyterian Church. It’s very important to give back to your community, and I want to pass that passion on to my sons. Quality is something I strive for in everything I do, quality of interactions I have with others, quality of the work I do, and quality of life I give back to my family and friends.

How do you balance your work and family life?

Balance is a tough thing to manage and frankly I’m not sure it really exists. We are all pulled in multiple directions most of the time. To me, balance is the ability to live where you’re standing, being present and focused on the person or thing in front of you at that moment. It’s something I always strive for, seldom attain it, but I’m trying!

What do you like best about Fort Dodge?

That it’s a tough city; we are resilient and strong willed. We have been through a lot in the last 40 years, and it’s good to see us start to bounce back. We know where we’ve been, and we know where we want to go. I like that businesses, community groups, and local government work together to make the necessary improvements for our community to grow. It’s an easy place to get involved and be a part of the community.

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