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26 Oct 2018

Hans Madsen

“So what do you want to be when you’re grown up?”

A common question posed to children by adults.

How about this question: “So what are you going to be now that you’re almost grown up?”

For high school students that are trying to answer that, or have already decided and want to explore their chosen field a bit, the annual Iowa Central Community College Career Day Thursday gave them a chance to do just that.

Grace Amos, a senior at Southeast Valley, got to try her hand at cleaning teeth during a session in the dental hygiene program.

Using a model mouth with realistic teeth and gums, she went to work.

“I thought it was really cool,” she said.

The potential dental hygienists were also introduced to some of what they might encounter in patients who don’t brush and floss enough or at all.

“She showed us pictures of diseases and gross stuff,” Amos said. “I’ll have to get used to that, but I think it will be a good career for me.”

Some hands-on experience helped Cambrie McBride, 16, a junior at St. Edmond Catholic School, affirm her decision to make a career of it.

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