Fort Dodge seeks King’s help

Fort Dodge seeks King’s help Main Photo

23 Oct 2018

Bill Shea

A hike up eight flights of dusty, debris-covered stairs in the Warden Plaza Monday afternoon gave U.S. Rep. Steve King a firsthand look at the insides of the battered downtown edifice.

The Republican from Kiron and a handful of local officials ended up on the roof of the building at 908 First Ave. S. and got a sweeping view of the city and pondered the possibility of a rooftop restaurant there someday.

King got the tour Monday as Fort Dodge officials, led by Mayor Matt Bemrich, explained the plans for renovating the Warden Plaza, creating a new cultural and recreation center down the block, and building a new intermodal hub between the two.

The local leaders also asked King to support their application for a $7.63 million federal Better Utilizing Investment to Leverage Development grant to help pay for the $11.5 million intermodal hub.

Following the tour, King described the project as “worth doing.”

“It’s an ambitious project,” he said.

King said the financial figures used in the grant application are sound and conservative.

“Now it’s time to go to Washington and make our case,” he said.

King cannot make the decision on whether or not Fort Dodge will get the grant. But he can submit a letter of support to the U.S. Department of Transportation officials who will make the decision, and assist local officials as they make their case for the grant.

City leaders will learn on Dec. 18 if the grant will be awarded.

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