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New Age Media Productions moves Main Photo

30 Sep 2018

Terrence Dwyer

New Age Media Productions has moved from downtown Fort Dodge to the Crossroads Mall near Riddle’s Jewelry. Joel Johnson, who co-owns the business with his wife, Alisha Johnson, said the move will improve community awareness of the multitude of specialized options the enterprise has to offer.

“It will get us in front of a different demographic,” he said. “Provide a little more exposure.”

He said the extensive memory-preservation services New Age Media Productions has to offer will remain the same.

The Johnsons help people make sure that visual recordings and images as well as audio recordings made in the past are preserved in formats easy to access in the 21st century.

“Film, VHS tapes where do you find equipment to play it anymore?” Joel Johnson said.

Memories and events that were originally preserved on media that were popular in the past often are not easily accessed today. It’s common for households to have old photographs, slides, home movies and videos in an array of formats and audio tapes tucked away for safekeeping in a closet or some other secure spot. Transferring those precious items to DVDs, hard drives or other digital media is a major part of the mission at New Age Media Productions.

“We do film transfers, video transfers, slides, photos, negatives and audio — LPs, reel-to-reel audio, cassette tapes. Basically, antique media,” Joel Johnson said. “Everything other than film development is done in-house.”

He said he and his wife are able to address a multitude of customer needs.

“Someone came in a few minutes ago,” Johnson said. “He was going through his parents’ house and they came across tapes. Another client had kids who are getting married this year and they want to give them their childhood. Otherwise, it’s just family history documentation.”

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