Growth Alliance: FD poised to grow with manufacturing

 Growth Alliance: FD poised to grow with manufacturing Main Photo

25 Sep 2018

Bill Shea

Fort Dodge remains poised for growth with manufacturing as a key driver of the economy, according to leaders of the Greater Fort Dodge Growth Alliance.

”I do think that Fort Dodge is extremely well-positioned,” Dennis Plautz, the chief executive officer of the Growth Alliance, told the City Council Monday.

”You are getting investments that can’t be moved,” he added. ”They’re using so many indigeneous materials. They have a reason to be here. And most importantly, these are companies that are worldwide and have access to the global markets.”

Plautz, along with Kelly Halsted, the alliance’s economic development director, and Jill Nelson, its community development director, presented the council with some statistics on the local economy and the activities of the alliance.

Halsted said health care and social assistance accounts for the largest sector of the local economy, at 16.4 percent.

Next is retail trade at 13.5 percent, she said.

Manufacturing comes in third, at 12.4 percent. But Halstad said manufacturing drives other sectors of the economy.

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