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Red doors Main Photo

14 Sep 2018

Hans Madsen

Red doors on fire stations are an old tradition.

It’s one that the Fort Dodge Fire Department can now uphold after three coats of fire engine red were applied to its truck bay doors Thursday afternoon.

The paint job is the result of a fundraising project by the Greater Fort Dodge Growth Alliance Image Committee.

Fire Chief Steve Hergenreter was all smiles as he watched the paint being applied.

“They were the ones that brought the idea to us,” he said. “It means a lot to us. It looks a lot nicer now. Our staff really appreciates it.”

In addition to the repainted doors, a new illuminated sign will also be installed on the fire station. The old sign is original to the main part of the building.

“It’s the original sign from 1965 and it used to be illuminated,” Hergenreter said previously. “That doesn’t work.”

The doors were a mix of colors before Thursday’s paint session. They were various shades of dull browns.

Frank Lyon, owner of Lyon Painting and Remodeling, did the painting work on the doors.

He expects it to last.

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