Bringing visitors to Fort Dodge

Bringing visitors to Fort Dodge Main Photo

15 Jul 2018

Terrence Dwyer


The team at the Fort Dodge Convention and Visitors Bureau, 24 N. Ninth St., Suite C, works closely with the city and county governments and the private sector to market Fort Dodge and Webster County.

“The CVB is tasked with bringing visitors to Fort Dodge,” said Kerrie Kuiper, the CVB’s executive director. “We use a variety of mechanisms to do that. We’re out there talking with different tourism entities in Iowa, partnering with them, especially Travel Iowa, the Iowa tourism office. We help with conferences. We help with special events. We’re out there promoting Fort Dodge to group travel.”

Kuiper said the community is developing a well-deserved reputation as an intriguing travel option for folks from all across Iowa and well beyond.

“Fort Dodge has all the components to be a destination — a tourism destination for people throughout Iowa and the Midwest with things like our water trails, Gypsum City OHV Park and its 65 miles of trails, great museums and much more. We really are working hard to show not only our visitors but our residents that we are a destination. Look at all these wonderful things we have.”

The diversity of what exists in the city and county makes the area a draw for visitors with a wide range of interests.


-Messenger photo by Joe Sutter
Kerrie Kuiper, left, and Connie Lind pose outside of “Fenway Park” in the Rogers Sports Complex. The baseball diamonds are all modeled after Major League parks; local students also play in Yankee Stadium and Wrigley Field.

Sporting events have long brought people to Fort Dodge. Those gatherings remain important but the agenda her office addresses has broadened considerably in recent years, Kuiper said.

“We’re at a point now where we’ve got other niches,” she said. “You’ve got the water trails, equestrian trails, fishing. Brushy Creek Lake in known throughout this state for fishing.”


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