A logical move: Northland Travel has a new home

A logical move: Northland Travel has a new home Main Photo

6 May 2018

The place that makes dreams come true has a new home.

Northland Travel has moved from Crossroads Mall to the Friendship Haven campus, 420 Kenyon Road. The travel agency previously had a part-time satellite office at Friendship Haven. Now its headquarters is housed there.

Rhonda Strutzenberg, who manages Northland Travel, said the multifaceted travel services the agency has offered in the past are all continuing. She said the decision to relocate occurred because the business relationship between the Friendship Haven community and Northland is expanding.

“We handle booking all their group tours and things,” Strutzenberg said. “Our partnership has grown over the three years that we’ve had a satellite office there. They are doing more trips and longer trips. It’s a lot easier to be out there to work with their group leader. We do a lot of travel for their residents and staff besides the group departures that Friendship Haven does. So, we were just thinking that it would be ideal on a full-time basis.”

Patrons can reach the Northland Travel by entering Friendship Haven’s main entrance. There is ample visitor parking.

“When you come in the main entrance where it says welcome center, you go left down that hallway and we’re the first office on the right,” Strutzenberg said.

The work Northland Travel undertakes for the Friendship Haven Travel Club and its residents is extensive.

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