Students get the feel of careers that happen to be on wheels

Students get the feel of careers that happen to be on wheels Main Photo

2 May 2018

Hans Madsen

The road grader the Iowa Department of Transportation brought to the Careers on Wheels day for middle school students actually only has one seat in it — it’s for the worker driving it.

While it was parked in the lot at Iowa Central Community College’s East Campus where Iowa DOT mechanic Levi Frazier showed it off, the students found a dozen more.

On top of the tires, on the platform next to the cab, inside the cab and several locations on the adjustable blade.

Frazier smiled as they explored the vehicle, it brought back some pleasant memories.

“I grew up with it,” he said. “My dad was a mechanic and operator.”

During his presentation, he told the students how the grader is used.

“We use it for snow removal and road work,” he said.

A variety of career choices were presented by workers from a variety of fields — each one using some sort of vehicle — to do their work.

That includes Bemrich Electric & Telephone, they have a fleet of vans and other vehicles to visit customers for service calls and to work out of when doing installations.

One of their safety items, an orange hard hat with a face shield that’s tinted green.

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