Katy Lynn Boutique keeps expanding

Katy Lynn Boutique keeps expanding Main Photo

22 Apr 2018

Terrence Dwyer

Katy Lynn Boutique is booming.

Krista Albright launched a Fort Dodge location for the enterprise on Central Avenue in October 2014. The business has grown so fast that she has moved twice, most recently to 2415 Fifth Ave. S. — the city’s thriving Corridor of Commerce.

Additionally, Katy Lynn Boutique has a second store in Arnolds Park and a rapidly expanding online clientele.

The Okoboji store is also thriving and its busiest time of year is just ahead.

“Summers are crazy,” Albright said. “Once the weather warms up it will get really busy there. From Memorial Day to Labor Day, we are open seven days a week there.”

The newest Fort Dodge venue, which welcomed its first customers in early March, is about 1,000 square feet larger than the store’s previous home on the corner of Central Avenue and 12th Street.

“I liked downtown,” Albright said, reflecting on her decision to relocate the store. “I needed something bigger. This is bigger. I have a lot more room to spread things out and display things. I can put out a lot more merchandise, which is nice. I have a whole accessory wall at this store. I’ve got my own parking lot.”

The dressing-rooms area is also an enhancement.

“I still have three dressing rooms,” Albright said. “They are a little bigger and have closed doors now for a little more privacy. I have a bigger dressing-room space overall.”

Patrons accompanied by children will find the store a comfortable place to shop.

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