MNW easily passes PPEL

MNW easily passes PPEL Main Photo

4 Apr 2018

Chad Thompson

Voters in the Manson Northwest Webster Community School District easily passed an extension of the Physical Plant and Equipment Levy Tuesday, with almost 90 percent of them voting yes.

Unofficially, 155 voted yes. Nineteen voted no.

With the passage, the PPEL will be extended until 2033.

The PPEL helps ensure funding for long-term projects in the district.

“The board is working to put a five-year facility plan in place,” MNW Superintendent Justin Daggett told The Messenger in a previous interview. “We’ve been working on that all year. We’re still working on that, it’s not finished, but in the process of working on that we realized our funding is going to run out.

“So we wanted to get that passed, extend that so we can continue to plan long-term.”

Before the vote, the PPEL would have been in effect until 2023.

Voters approved an 83-cent PPEL for 10 years in 2013.

Property taxes will not increase as a result of the levy being extended.

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