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 New hotel coming Main Photo

31 Mar 2018

Chad Thompson

A new hotel that will be connected to Fort Frenzy is being planned on the corner of First Avenue South and South 32nd Street, according to a news release from Brookstone Lodge & Suites.

The Brookstone Lodge & Suites hotel will be attached to the west side of Fort Frenzy’s Cardiff Center.

It will have an estimated 60 guest rooms, a large indoor pool with a splash pad area, and three meeting rooms.

An exercise facility and an outdoor courtyard are other features planned for the hotel.

“We are excited for the expansion of the current facility and believe it to be a perfect fit for the community,” Roger Bell, a spokesman for Brookstone Lodge & Suites, said in a written statement. “A hotel that can provide a space that’s attractive for both corporate entities and families alike, will be an invaluable addition to this area.”

The hotel will be owned by a group of private investors.

Construction could begin as early as this summer.

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