New owner and a new home

 New owner and a new home Main Photo

26 Mar 2018

Terrence Dwyer

Firm and has moved from its longtime home in the Snell Building to the law firm’s office at 706 First Ave. N.

Snell Settlement Services was created in 2002 by Kurt T. Pittner, a Fort Dodge attorney who was part of the local legal community from 1976 until his retirement in February. He wanted to make sure that the specialized work Snell Settlement handled continued to be available in the community.

“Our firm had gotten into doing some real estate closing services for some banks and some mortgage companies, the same kind of work that Snell was doing,” Mark Crimmins, a partner in the Crimmins & Kehm Law firm, said. “So, when Kurt (Pittner) decided to retire, he looked for the right fit. Since we were already doing those services for other institutions he approached me and asked if I would be interested in purchasing Snell Settlement Services.”

Crimmins said he was delighted to have the opportunity to acquire the enterprise because it allowed his firm to expand a part of its business that was already growing.

“Kurt created this and built it,” he said. “He had a well-established and well-respected business. I hope I can continue to do the good things that he did in the real estate world. He was phenomenal at what he did.”

Anyone who has ever gotten a mortgage to purchase a home knows that the process is complicated. The role Snell Settlement Services can play in that process is to make sure that all the necessary transactions and associated paperwork are handled flawlessly.

“Most banks and mortgage companies now hire a settlement company to do their closings,” Crimmins said.

He said the amount of paperwork needed for a home sale has become so great that it is in everyone’s interest to have it handled by a team of professionals who are thoroughly familiar with all the requirements.

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