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4 Mar 2018

Terrence Dwyer

For many families, moving into a new, custom-built home is at — or near — the top of their dream list. Helping people in north central Iowa turn that important life goal into a reality is part of the mission of the team at Don Peart Custom Homes Inc. Undertaking assorted remodeling and renovation projects for homeowner is also a significant component of the company’s business.

“The primary business is building new homes,” said Don Peart Jr., who founded the business and is its president and owner. “We also do additions, remodels. Anything that has to do with a new home, we do that for existing homes, — kitchen remodels, cabinets, countertops, everything.”

This Fort Dodge-based construction company currently is headquartered near the west entrance of Crossroads Mall. By later this year, however, it will relocate from that site to 3635 Maple Drive.

“We’re moving to the old Mediacom building,” Peart said. “The building is 4,000 square feet. The lot is 2 1/2 acres.”

He said the purchase of this new home base for his enterprise will allow him to have his showroom and all other parts of the business at a single, consolidated location.

Don Peart Custom Homes represents a major Midwestern player in the home-building industry — Amwood Homes Inc. Headquartered in Jamesville, Wisconsin, Amwood serves home builders in Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin. It specializes in the construction of building components that are then shipped to local builders for final assembly.

“With the Amwood homes the advantage for the customers is our flexibility,” Peart said. “Our range of what we can do is endless. With that comes an endless choice of options. We do our design work here and with Amwood. Amwood is a panel-building company. They build the wall sections, put them in trailers and bring them to us. The wall sections have windows, exterior doors and such on them. There are usually four to five semi loads of panels. We have to assemble it, construct it on-site.”

Once the trucks are unloaded and the assembly is underway, it isn’t long before a recognizable house is taking shape.

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