MNW seeks PPEL renewal

MNW seeks PPEL renewal Main Photo

25 Feb 2018


Joe Sutter

Manson Northwest Webster is planning ahead.

The board is looking at what long-term projects will need to be done five or even 10 years down the road, said Superintendent Justin Daggett.

To ensure funding for projects will be available, MNW will ask voters to extend the current Physical Plant and Equipment Levy 10 more years, although the current one won’t run out for five years.

The voters approved an 83-cent PPEL for 10 years back in 2013.

“It stands to run out in 2023. We are going to vote on April 3 to extend it another 10 years, to 2033,” said Superintendent Justin Daggett. “The reason for that is long-term planning.”

This will not raise taxes, said Superintendent Justin Daggett, only keep the taxes at the same rate.

“It is important to our board that we don’t increase property taxes,” Daggett said.

It’s also important to the board to provide a top-notch facility for students and staff.

“The board is working to put a five-year facility plan in place. We’ve been working on that all year,” he said. “We’re still working on that, it’s not finished, but in the process of working on that we realized our funding is going to run out.

“So we wanted to get that passed, extend that so we can continue to plan long-term.”

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