CJ to add another amino acid to production

 CJ to add another amino acid to production Main Photo

11 Jan 2018

Bill Shea

An expanded CJ Bio America plant in Webster County will begin producing 20,000 metric tons of another amino acid beginning next year, company leaders announced Wednesday.

The new initiative will lead to about 18 additional jobs being created in production and production support, according to Luke Palmer, the company’s general affairs manager.

The company had announced a $51 million expansion project in November. On Wednesday, it unveiled details of the project.

CJ Bio America will begin producing L-Threonine, which is an amino acid used as an additive in livestock feed.

The plant in the industrial park west of Fort Dodge called Iowa’s Crossroads of Global Innovation already makes the amino acid lysine, which is used in feed for poultry and swine. The plant also makes liquid fertilizer.

The initial output of L-Threonine will be 20,000 metric tons, according to an announcement from the company. Palmer said the L-Threonine will be in powder form.

Some new facilities will be needed to produce the L-Threonine.

“We will build additional structures that will hold additional processing equipment,” Palmer said.

He said the new buildings will be on land the company already owns. They will be located south of the existing plant. Palmer said the plant site was designed to make expansion possible.

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