Rosedale Water Store to open in Fort Dodge

Rosedale Water Store to open in Fort Dodge Main Photo

10 Dec 2017

Peter Kaspari

A new water company is coming to Fort Dodge and will take up occupancy in a historic building in downtown Fort Dodge.

The Rosedale Water Store, 311 First Ave. N., is set to open in mid-January.

The building once housed the Rosedale Creamery, and according to John Miles who handles operations for Rosedale Water Store, much of the equipment in the building will be useful to them.

“The Rosedale Building has a well in it that they used to make ice cream with,” Miles said. “And it’s a very pristine well. So they’re going to take that water, purify it, ozonate it, bottle it and sell it.”

Miles said he and owner Jana Riley are working with Mike Doyle, who owns the building, on getting the business up and running.

“We met with him one day, and that’s when (the idea for the water store) was born and hatched,” Miles said.

Riley said Doyle is going to help with the equipment.

“He’s going to have the equipment, which is state-of-the-art,” she said.

The equipment, which is all computerized, will be able to bottle and wrap all of the water before it gets sent out.

Riley added the store aims to have really great customer service.

Miles agreed.

“We’re going to have a great delivery service where our customer service is our ultimate goal,” he said. “One hundred percent satisfaction.”

Riley said the store will offer help in getting its products out to the cars for delivery and pickup. She also said Rosedale Water Store wants to give back to the community.

“That’s a huge goal,” Miles added. “To keep it in Fort Dodge and bring back to the community.”

In addition to the Rosedale Water Store, there will also be the Rosedale Water Company, which Doyle will be in charge of, Miles said.

Doyle, at the water company, will be preparing small 16.9 ounce bottles for use around the country “for convenience stores and grocery stores,” according to Miles.

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