National Gypsum is digging new quarry

 National Gypsum is digging new quarry Main Photo

12 Nov 2017

Joe Sutter

In a few more years, the rock in National Gypsum’s quarry northeast of Fort Dodge will be gone.

Today the company is hard at work digging a new pit, just across the road, where it will continue mining one of the area’s most important natural resources for years to come.

The old quarry is a flurry of activity every day, as big machines drill into the rock, break the rock up, load it and haul it off to be crushed. But the area has grown even busier recently as contractors dig out and haul away dirt at the new quarry, to expose the gypsum underneath.

“Three years ago we started this five-year plan of developing this new property,” said Greg Berry, National Gypsum plant manager. “We knew we were coming to the end of what’s located on this chunk of land. We already owned this other land, so we started the process of relocating.”

National Gypsum came to the area nearly 100 years ago.

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