First American Bank has installed a new interactive system

First American Bank has installed a new interactive system Main Photo

3 Sep 2017

Terrence Dwyer

First American Bank has served Fort Dodge for more than eight decades. During that long history the banking world has undergone numerous changes. According to Susan Ahlers Leman, market president in Fort Dodge and senior trust officer, the bank has long taken pride in bringing the latest banking innovations to the community so it could better respond to the evolving needs of its customers.

“We have a rich history of being an innovator in delivering financial services to the community,” she said. “We offered the first free drive-up teller service in 1953. In 1962, we had the first motor bank in Fort Dodge. In 1976, we were the first bank in Fort Dodge to install its own computer system. In 1993, we offered the first ATM in Fort Dodge. Now we will be the first bank to have the ITM as well.”

Excitement is growing at the bank as it prepares to launch our town’s first ITMs – interactive teller machines – at both its downtown and Crossroads locations.

These state-of-the-art devices will make it possible for the bank to offer interaction with tellers more hours each day and afford certain additional benefits not currently available through its drive-up windows or at traditional ATMs.

The new mechanisms resemble an ATM but also have a screen that makes it possible for a bank employee to interact with the customer. The system also will have capabilities not now provided at the drive-up windows it has long operated.

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