PICA honored for keeping FD beautiful

PICA honored for keeping FD beautiful Main Photo

24 May 2017


A local group dedicated to keeping up Fort Dodge’s appearance was honored Tuesday with an award from a statewide organization.

Pride in Community Appearance, known as PICA, received the Organization Award for Excellence from Keep Iowa Beautiful.

Gerry Schnepf, executive director of Keep Iowa Beautiful, touted PICA and its successes at the presentation ceremony, which was held at the Fort Museum and Frontier Village where PICA was doing some work Tuesday morning.

“If every community in the state of this size had a group like this, imagine what that would do to the appearance of the community,” Schnepf said. “This is a good model.”

He added that he’s only aware of three or four other groups similar to PICA across the state.

Having a group like PICA helps not only improve the appearance of the community, but also its pride, he said.

“That reflects a sense of pride in their community, and they want to keep it that way,” Schnepf said. “Hopefully the other thing it does is encourage others to have respect for public facilities.”

Mayor Matt Bemrich, who was also present at the ceremony, agreed with Schnepf and said PICA contributes to more than just tangible changes to Fort Dodge.

“Pride is a contageous effect,” Bemrich said. “So when you’re out working and you’re doing the things that you do, you’re creating that contageous effect of pride in our community.”

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