Webster County employment study is progressing

Webster County employment study is progressing Main Photo

10 May 2017


The Greater Fort Dodge Growth Alliance will be working with Iowa Workforce Development’s Regional Research Bureau to complete a laborshed employment study for Webster County.

This study will define the areas from which Webster County employers draw their employees and will further examine that labor force.

The study is done every other year, said Kelly Halsted, Growth Alliance economic development director.

“It helps the businesses understand where their employment is coming from, and wages that are being paid in the region,” Halsted said.

“It’s important to complete that information so we have the most accurate information that we can share with our existing industry,” she added, “as well as the ability to attract new companies to our area.”

The study is based upon commuting patterns into the area and it will assist existing and potential businesses with a better understanding of the size and characteristics of the area’s labor force, regardless of political boundaries.

The laborshed boundary is based on where individuals commute from into Webster County for employment.

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