Cleanup effort enhances Fort Dodge

19 Apr 2017


This week Fort Dodgers have the opportunity to help improve the appearance of their hometown.

The 12th annual FOD walk, where participants spend an hour cleaning up parts of Fort Dodge, will be held at 4 p.m. Thursday –rain or shine. FOD stands for foreign object debris.

Historically, the focus for the cleanup has been fields and ditches near 32nd Street and Second Avenue North. This year, however, a large group will be assigned to remove unsightly trash and other debris from downtown Fort Dodge

Rhonda Chambers, who chairs the Greater Fort Dodge Growth Alliance Image Committee and who also launched FOD Walk in 2006, told The Messenger that it is exciting to have a chance to make a positive impact on another prominent section of Fort Dodge.

“We are going to cover the whole downtown,” she said. “We are going to walk the alleys and streets. We are going to go around the Fort Dodge Public Library. We are going to spread out as large as we can.”

Chambers said that when a large number of people volunteer, it is amazing how much can be accomplished in the one hour allotted for the cleanup.

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