Health care benefits: UnityPoint’s Trinity pumps more than $70M into FD economy, study says

Health care benefits: UnityPoint’s Trinity pumps more than $70M into FD economy, study says Main Photo

26 Mar 2017


UnityPoint Health — Trinity Regional Medical Center is proving to be a valuable commodity in not only stimulating the local economy, but also attracting new businesses to the Fort Dodge region.

According to the latest study by the Iowa Hospital Association, Trinity generates 1,156 jobs that add more than $70 million to Fort Dodge’s economy, an increase of about $10 million from 2015.

The IHA study examined the jobs, income, retail sales and sales tax produced by hospitals and the rest of the state’s health care sector. The study was compiled from hospital-submitted data on the American Hospital Association’s Annual Survey of Hospitals and with software that other industries have used to determine their economic impact.

“It is extremely rewarding to see the positive impact we have on the economic growth taking place for Fort Dodge and our surrounding communities,” Mike Dewerff, president and chief executive officer of UnityPoint Health — Fort Dodge, said.

Trinity employs roughly the same number of people it did in 2015.

“If you look at it from purely a jobs perspective within the Fort Dodge region, we have stayed pretty static in terms of the jobs that we have with UnityPoint Health,” Brent Feickert, chief financial officer, UnityPoint Health, said. “That being said we have expanded a lot of our focus around population health management. A lot of things you hear about value-based care and ways to keep the members of our community healthy, and we have been able to do that without needing to either cut jobs or add a lot of jobs. We are doing a lot of repurposing, trying to be as efficient as we can, so ultimately we can deliver the greatest value to the community.”

Trinity employees spend $24.25 million on retail sales and contribute $1.45 million in state sales tax revenue, the IHA study found.

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