Hometown Heroes

Hometown Heroes Main Photo

23 Mar 2017


Dr. Matt Maggio might not have been able to attend the Fort Dodge Community Foundation and United Way and Serving Our Servants Heroes Luncheon Wednesday were it not for two of the individuals recognized.

Amy McCollum, a dental hygienist at Maggio’s Fort Dodge practice, and John Bair, a patient who’s not only a service technician for Shimkat Motor Co. in Fort Dodge but also a Moorland Fire Department first responder, stepped in when the dentist collapsed from a heart attack at the end of the day.

The pair worked together to perform CPR until EMTs arrived.

The Rev. Al Henderson, who presented their Heroes of the Heartland Award, said this was a perfect example of what he called the “inconvenience” that heroes confront.

“Dr. Matt Maggio found out just how special earthly guardian angels are,” Henderson told the more than 100 people assembled at the Willow Ridge Restaurant.

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