Crew, city leaders tout series that will stop — and be filmed — in FD

Crew, city leaders tout series that will stop — and be filmed — in FD Main Photo

22 Mar 2017


A 2,000-mile trivia game that will stop in Fort Dodge this fall was officially announced to the public Monday.

“The Fireball Run,” described as an “adventurally” series, will be filmed in Fort Dodge on Sept. 27 and 28.

The online streaming video series is available on

J. Sanchez, the series’ executive producer, said “The Fireball Run” will feature 40 teams traveling to eight cities over the course of eight days, including Fort Dodge.

He described “The Fireball Run” as a combination of the TV series “The Amazing Race,” “Dirty Jobs” and “How It’s Made,” as well as travel and history-themed series.

“The very big difference we have is we’re not a reality show,” Sanchez said.

What makes “The Fireball Run” unique, according to Sanchez, is that it’s filmed in real time.

“That means we film it as it happens,” he said. “No other show films like we do.”

He described the series’ genre as “factual entertainment.”

“That means everything in the show is authentic and real,” Sanchez said. “The emotional reaction that they have, every action that they take is real.”

Eventually the series will be edited into a 26-episode season, where it will be available for viewing in September 2018.

He added “The Fireball Run” is similar to a real-life “Trivial Pursuit.”

“Expand that game board to about 1,500 miles,” he said. “And every advance on the game board is tied to a geographical location, a point of interest, of which they get trivia on.”

Each team gets a different mission and they have to do research to help them reach their destination. Sanchez said the contestants are allowed to interact with the public, both in person and on social media.

“They get to know the history of something, but we don’t tell them where it is and we don’t tell them when it is,” he added. “And they have to figure it out in real time.”

“Fireball Run” includes rare, epic and historic items that contestants interact with. In the past, these have included Saddam Hussein’s rifle and an Apollo Lunar Rover.

He described all the series’ contestants as “A personalities,” and they included “captains of industry, business leaders, political leaders, celebrities. People who are wired to win.”

The physical prize for the winner is a plastic road sign, but according to Sanchez, the real prize is bragging rights.

Uniquely, “The Fireball Run” also works to reunite missing children with their families.

Each team is assigned a missing child from their hometown and are given 1,000 copies of fliers that they hand out to people throughout their journey.

To date, according to Sanchez, “The Fireball Run” has been responsible for bringing 49 missing children home since 2007, when the series began.

Besides filming in Fort Dodge, Sanchez said “Fireball Run” has also had positive economic impacts on the towns it has visited.

It’s common to hear from families who, after watching the series, decide to go on a vacation where they follow the same route as “The Fireball Run” contestants, he said.

But it can’t be successful without the help of the people who live in Fort Dodge.

So on Sept. 27, when the contestants come to town, Sanchez said the public is invited to help welcome them.

“Probably around 3:30 is typically when they finish coming in,” he said. “They finish in an area downtown.”

From 3:30 to 6 p.m., the teams will gather downtown.

The following day, the teams will head to their next destination from a starting line in downtown Fort Dodge.

Sanchez said this is really where the people of Fort Dodge can help, calling it a “good, powerful, strong opening, and you’ll see how the show is produced.”

Mayor Matt Bemrich and Matt Johnson, general manager of Fort Dodge Ford Lincoln Toyota, will make up one of the teams and represent Fort Dodge.

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