AFES is growing into its gym

AFES is growing into its gym Main Photo

29 Jan 2017


With a new gym building completed in November of 2015, the Athletics For Education and Success program has been expanding and growing its service to the Fort Dodge community during the last year.

Executive Director Charles Clayton said the new facility has given the program space for adding and expanding athletic programs.

“We’ve been able to expand our basketball program,” he said. “Our first- to fourth-grade program, we weren’t able to offer that before, and our fifth through eight program has grown. We have 80 boys in that.”

It also allowed AFES to offer the basketball program to the ladies.

“We were able to restart our girls basketball program,” he said. “We’ve got about 30 girls in that right now.”

The completion of its own gym facility has allowed AFES to not only save money on renting space, it’s also allowed them to generate revenue for the organization’s operations.

“We can run our own tournaments,” Clayton said. “We have our own concessions. It’s starting to become a good funding source.”

The ability to host its own youth basketball tournaments also has a positive economic impact on the local economy.

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