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14 Jan 2017


After going over 16 design proposals for a mural to be painted on a long abandoned grain elevator sitting along Hawkeye Avenue near Loomis Park, the City of Fort Dodge Public Art Committee — with help from the Fort Dodge Fine Arts Association and the Greater Fort Dodge Growth Alliance Image Committee — has selected five finalists for the project.

Carissa Harvey, senior planner, said that narrowing it down to that was difficult.

“The committee met twice,” she said. “We could not agree on four, but we could on five.”

The artists were notified Friday — both those selected, and those not.

Harvey said the next step is for each of the artists to work with a qualified installer to refine their concepts into a final design for the elevator. Once each design has been finalized, the committee will ask for public input on which design to select. Each artist will receive a $1,500 stipend after submitting their final design.

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