‘All About Greater Fort Dodge’ debuts

‘All About Greater Fort Dodge’ debuts Main Photo

15 Jan 2017

TERRENCE DWYER, Editorial Page Editor

Ensuring that there is a prosperous future for Fort Dodge and Webster County is at the heart of the mission of the Greater Fort Dodge Growth Alliance. Convincing companies that locating in the Fort Dodge area is the right option is a key part of that effort. Also part of the Grwoth Alliance’s agenda is motivating the owners of enterprises already established locally that when the time comes to expand growing here is an attractive choice.

The Growth Alliance and The Messenger have partnered to produce the sixth edition of a resource book that is viewed by a broad array of community leaders as a valuable resource in attracting new area investment. Previously named “All About Fort Dodge” this publication has been renamed “All About Greater Fort Dodge” to reflect the increased centrality of this community to economic growth regionally.

“This is consistent with the increasing recognition and engagement of the region,” said Dennis Plautz, the Growth Alliance’s chief executive officer.

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