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14 Aug 2016

By TERRENCE DWYER ( , Messenger News

James Kesterson has been a major figure in real estate world locally for four decades. This summer, however, the company he heads - Kesterson Realty and Appraisal - has quite literally been on the move. On June 15, it relocated its offices to 1926 First Ave. S.

The building that is the firm's new headquarters underwent a massive renovation prior to the move.

"The interior was gutted completely and rebuilt," Kesterson said. "It took about two months. It's a better location and a more convenient layout."

He said the new office sets the stage for expanding the business.

"We plan to get bigger," Kesterson said. "We now have room to add four or five additional staff."

The enterprise has two major components.

"We do real estate. We're pretty active in the real estate field," Kesterson said. "We do both residential and commercial. We also do appraisals for residential, commercial, farm and industrial properties."

For residential property sales, Kesterson said the company focuses on Webster County. With respect to the commercial and industrial sectors, it draws clients from a much broader marketplace.

"For industrial, we're connected with brokers in multiple states," Kesterson said. "We've co-brokered deals with brokers from all over the Midwest - Chicago, Kansas City, Minneapolis, Des Moines."

The appraisal work takes Kesterson well beyond Webster County and can occur for a variety of reasons.

"Appraisals can be for any purpose," he said. "Some appraisals are needed for property sales, some for refinancing. We do a lot of estate work. In divorce cases you have to know what the assets are, so appraisals may be needed.

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