Desiring the Arts Festival coming to Fort Dodge

Desiring the Arts Festival coming to Fort Dodge Main Photo

21 Aug 2016

AUGUST 21, 2016

by HAILEY BRUESCHKE ( , Messenger News

A celebration of the arts will be held from Thursday through Saturday at the McSweeny School of Performing Arts, 1633 N. 29th St.

There will be something different to offer every night during the Desiring the Arts Festival, a showcase of artists from all backgrounds and talents.

"Desiring the Arts Festival is an arts festival that showcases a vast array of the arts, and it brings artists from all over the world into Fort Dodge," said Sean Buhr, the coordinator of the event.

The Desiring the Arts Festival brings in many talented vocalists and instrumental musicians, as well as visual artists and photographers from across the nation.

"This is a festival that brings artists to the area that Fort Dodge has not yet experienced yet," Buhr said. "It is a way to connect with the youth and adults in the area and give them a new outlook over arts."

The festival was created to provide concerts and educational workshops for those who want to join in the Fort Dodge and the surrounding areas.

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