Gunderson’s pays tribute to FD

Gunderson’s pays tribute to FD Main Photo

14 Sep 2016

By HANS MADSEN (, Messenger News

  When Phil Gunderson, owner of Gunderson Funeral Home & Cremation       Services, was looking for a way to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the         local business, he decided to forgo many of the usual ways to mark the         milestone and instead do something for the community.

Working in concert with the Pride In Community Appearance group, it was decided to donate 50 trees.

"We were looking for a new and unique way to mark our 50 years," Gunderson said. "It's a way to show our gratitude to the Fort Dodge community."

Getting PICA involved seemed like a natural fit. Gunderson said he greatly admires the work the group has been doing at various sites throughout Fort Dodge.

Gunderson left the location of the planting up to PICA. It settled on Dodger Drive, the new road south of the Fort Dodge Middle School.

"Dodger Drive was a great place to plant the trees," he said.

Nearly a dozen PICA volunteers were joined by 11 or so from UnityPoint Health - Fort Dodge and others from the community, including Fort Dodge Community School District staff.

"There are a lot of faces here I haven't seen," said Jan Wilson, co-founder of PICA.

There were 48 trees being planted at the Middle School. Two more which will go up around the Freedom Rock, Wilson said. They are Japanese lilac, Prairie Fire crabapple, Chanticleer pear and Sun Valley maple.

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