Hanson Asset Strategies is changing

Hanson Asset Strategies is changing Main Photo

18 Sep 2016

By TERRENCE DWYER (tdwyer@messengernews.net) , Messenger News

William Hanson, who has provided financial advice and services in Fort Dodge for more than 50 years, is selling Hansen Asset Strategies, 1329 First Ave. S., to Troy Thompson. He said, however, he will still be part of the company well into the future.

"I decided that it's going to be time for me to be doing less," Hanson said. "Troy Thompson will be buying the business over a period of years. The wonderful thing with the arrangement is that it's going to be a gradual transition. For the next year, both of us will be working here. After that, my involvement will be less."

Both Hanson and Thompson said that clients will not be inconvenienced by the change in ownership.

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