Iowa Central looks back to its beginning

Iowa Central looks back to its beginning Main Photo

4 Oct 2016

By JANE CURTIS ( , Messenger News

Way back in 1966 there were only two employees of what was then the Area V Community College-Vocational School: Donald Klucking, of Webster City, and Edwin Barbour, of Eagle Grove.

Klucking was the school's secretary and business manager.

Barbour, who at that time had been Eagle Grove's superintendent of schools for more than a decade, became the first superintendent of what is now known as Iowa Central Community College.Fifty years later, he has been named to Iowa Central's Hall of Fame as humanitarian, perhaps the greatest honor that could be bestowed on a man whose professional life was dedicated to an expanding avenue of education. The honor is posthumous; Barbour died March 29, 1993, at the age of 76. He retired as college president in 1983.

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