Greater Fort Dodge Growth Alliance Board Member Spotlight Blue Ribbon Pelham Waters

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15 Feb 2021


For the past 70 years Pelham’s has serviced Fort Dodge and surrounding communities with water, salt, and softener/ filter service. We offer four different water brands of bottled water: Pelham’s, Crystal Clear, Mountain Valley, and Chippewa. We believe water to be a beverage of choice, and leaving the decision to our customer means everyone leaves with a product they can enjoy. Water is a valuable resource, and great water is something everyone deserves. Great water for washing and great water for drinking require different methods of treatment, and we pride ourselves on knowing the difference and meeting the customer’s needs.

We believe in Family, Service, Quality. Treat everyone like Family; Service not just the equipment or customer but the community; and focus on Quality in our products and our interactions.

Pelham’s Water Conditioning was established in May of 1949.  In August of 2005 Fort Dodge Bottling was started, offering customers a private label option from 20oz. bottles to 5-gallon jugs. In May of 2010, Steve Pederson, owner of Blue Ribbon Waters, purchased Pelham’s and Fort Dodge Bottling, thus creating Blue Ribbon Pelham Waters. In January of 2018 Brian Pederson officially purchased the company from his father.

Our employees are our greatest asset.  Sheri Mcluckie is here to greet every customer with a smile and is available to help you with any account or billing questions. Rick Andrews is our highly knowledgeable service technician, ready to help answer your water treatment questions. Mike Krasen, Aaron Claus, and CJ Aldrich have all been delivering to our customers for the last 3 years. We are devoted to consistently improving the great customer service our customers have come to expect.

Water is a hot topic right now, and lots of people have questions. It doesn’t matter if you live in town or on a farm, we are all concerned with what’s in our water. Or more importantly, how can I have the best water for my family. For those of us in town we just want the water to be soft and maybe remove the chlorine from our city water. We are fortunate in our area and get our water from deep wells, which makes it unpleasantly hard, but does help to keep a lot of other potential harmful things like pharmaceuticals and other chemicals out.

Many farms and acreages across Iowa have what we call problem water effects. These problems can range from real health concerns like E. coli, Nitrates, and Arsenic to aesthetic issues like poor clarity or even a bad smell. Identifying the cause of the problem is always the best place to start. Have your water tested by the county or state at least once per year. These tests are generally free at the county extension office and will ensure that you have water free from E. coli or coliform bacteria. There are several off the shelf test kits available for you to test for other possible health contaminants like nitrates. These kits will also usually include some tests for other non-harmful things frequently found in water such as hardness, iron, ph., and possibly total dissolved solids. These tests will help you to identify possible problems you could have with your water. The other thing to look at is what is the color, smell, taste of the water. Does it pour out of the faucet clear or dirty? Does it leave red or gray stains on surfaces? Do you detect a  hint of rotten egg odor, or does it taste metallic or sour? These are all questions that a water treatment professional should be asking if you’re shopping around for equipment to treat your water. Different water requires different equipment, there is no one-size fits all when it comes to water treatment. Different filters remove different things, a softener will remove hardness, manganese, and a little iron, but will do nothing to kill bacteria. Iron frequently needs to be oxidized before it can be filtered out, other things like tannins can make the iron sticky and more difficult to filter out. The amount of water you need, and the application you need it for will also determine the type and size of equipment you might want - do you want pristine water for the house, or just iron free water for the hog barns?

You don’t always have to try and do it yourself. In most cases, you want an expert. It’s not any different than having your soil tested to know what nutrients the soil needs to deliver the best yield. Having your water tested will help you to know what it needs to be the best water, for you and your application.  I am biased to my own company, but I also know of many other reputable water treatment companies that should be able to provide you with all the above tests and a recommendation of the correct equipment to treat it. If your water smells, tastes bad, stains your fixtures, or you just don’t like it, we have ways to fix your problem water.

Regardless of how you like your water we have solutions; purified in a bottle or cleaned up from your tap, we are your complete water store.

Brian Pederson
Owner, Blue Ribbon Pelham Waters

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