Abundance of Jobs

Abundance of Jobs Main Photo

10 Dec 2020


Living in a region where jobs are plentiful is something to be thankful for, indeed! The Greater Fort Dodge area has something for everyone, regardless of level of education or experience. In addition to an abundance of jobs, there are a multitude of training programs, advancement opportunities and educational tools to develop the most qualified workforce. High school and college students have access to firsthand experience in businesses through the internships and job shadow programs offered. Businesses are actively searching for new talent! There really is no better place to train for the workforce or to find a suitable position than in Greater Fort Dodge!

“Within the region, we have worked hard to create relevant workforce recruitment and retention programs for our industry. There are over 30 programs for our companies to choose from to create and maintain a quality workforce. We also have access to information to make data driven decisions relative to industrial recruitment.” says Kelly Halsted, Economic Development Director

Not only does the area have jobs for any type or level of training, but the Greater Fort Dodge area has excellent job retention rates, a payscale higher than the state average, and a diverse workforce. The Growth Alliance partners with local businesses and global businesses to provide job opportunities for those looking. We are thankful for the workforce that adds to the success and prosperity of our region and for the jobs that allow us to truly kick back and enjoy the holiday season!

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