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28 Nov 2020

Bill Shea and Chad Thompson

Koch Fertilizer’s $140 million investment in its ammonia plant east of Fort Dodge will have a ripple effect throughout the Webster County economy, according to local officials.

The company announced last week its intentions to increase production capacity at the plant, 3162 200th St., Duncombe.

The upgrades will boost yearly production by 85,000 tons, the company reported.

And while the company did not indicate in its announcement if any new jobs would be created, Fort Dodge Mayor Matt Bemrich said he was optimistic that there would be more opportunities at the plant.

“You can only imagine that kind of investment in production capacity will lead to new jobs,” Mayor Matt Bemrich said.

The mayor described Koch Fertilizer as “a good local partner in Webster County and the greater region.”

In past years, Bemrich has been complementary of Koch for its worker safety and environmental commitment.

According to information on its website, Koch’s nitrogen plants take natural gas, combine it with nitrogen from the air, and under intense heat and pressure make anhydrous ammonia. Anhydrous ammonia is the building block for Koch’s nitrogen fertilizer.

Most of that anhydrous ammonia is further refined to produce UAN Solution, a fertilizer which is 32 percent nitrogen. The plant can make 1,000 tons of anhydrous ammonia and 1,800 tons of UAN Solution every day.

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