Global Companies

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24 Nov 2020


We appreciate the many global companies that have chosen to locate their operations in the Greater Fort Dodge area. Global companies bring a level of diversity and prosperity to our region that many other regions do not have. They spur new revenue potential, international business experience, jobs and even building opportunities for our contractors!

We’d like to send a special shout out to some of our global companies: Nestle, Cargill, CJ Bio America and AML Riverside, Elanco, Valero, Silgan; and our homegrown companies like C&S Products and Josephson Manufacturing Co. -- we thank you for being a part of our business community! You help bring our residents job security, and you bring new life to buildings that have been out of commission. We appreciate our mutually beneficial relationship with our global companies.     

“With the renewable energy being used to produce renewable chemicals to replace petroleum based products and renewable fuels in our region, I could foresee Webster County becoming the greenest county in the nation.   We understand that sustainability and carbon footprints are becoming more and more important to our industries and their consumers, so we are fully supporting and preparing for renewable and sustainable measures.” says Kelly Halsted, Economic Development Director.

Our global companies have helped us become a hub for biotechnology, manufacturing and pharmaceuticals. They have assisted the Greater Fort Dodge area in becoming a world-class center of manufacturers and exporters, and these companies help us thrive even through an uncertain economic climate and will continue to collaborate with us in our economic expansion.

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