Fort Dodge Experiences a Significant Increase in Housing Development

30 Jul 2020

The greater Fort Dodge area is growing in population as companies choose to locate in the region. The Growth Alliance and City of Fort Dodge have made a concerted effort to focus on the development of the housing units necessary to support this growth. Public-private partnerships have been utilized to spur development, and in some cases financial incentives have been offered to developers. The result has been an increase in housing stock that makes it possible for a diverse workforce to live in the Fort Dodge and the surrounding communities. 

There are at least 645 housing units that have either been constructed or are under development in Fort Dodge. These are a combination of detached and attached single family homes, townhomes and apartments. With a variety of housing options to choose from, people finding jobs in Fort Dodge can also afford to live here. 

New Housing Developments 

Developers are investing in Fort Dodge, with some completing multiple projects. Below are a few of the projects that have recently been completed or are in the works. 

Phillips Lofts (Completed in 2019)

  • Phillips Lofts is a historic rehab of a former middle school that was completed in 2019.  There are 73 market-rate rental units.

Williams Bend (in the works) 

This 60-acre site was purchased by the Webster County Improvement Corporation in partnership with the City of Fort Dodge in 2016 to spur development of housing in Fort Dodge.  The site is divided by Williams Drive.  

Development is currently occurring on the east side of Williams Drive.

  • The City constructed a new street (24th Avenue North) and will use the TIF from the new housing along that street to pay for it.
  • To date there are 19 new single-family homes and 30 bi-attached SF units that have been constructed.
  • An additional 29 SF homes are slated along the new 24th Avenue North and 4 additional bi-attached SF units are slated on the south end of the east side of Williams Drive.
  • An additional approximately 5-acre parcel (Lot 72) is still available for development.

Gypsum Creek (in the works) 

  • Gypsum Creek Crossing LLC has purchased an approximately 33 acre parcel for the construction of a total of 140 new bi-attached SF units to be constructed in phases over a period of 9 years.
  • To date 6 bi-attached SF units have been constructed.

District 29 Housing (planned to begin 2020) 

  • Eagle Construction has purchased a 10.5 acre site for the construction of new market rate, multi-family housing.
  • Project will be constructed in 2 phases:
    • Phase 1
      • One 93-unit apartment complex
      • Two 12-unit garage buildings
      • Five 5-unit townhome complexes
    • Phase 2
      • One 93-unit apartment complex
      • Two 12-unit garage buildings
      • Five 5-unit townhome complexes
      • Clubhouse and pool

Fair Oaks Middle School (planned for 2021)

  • This will be the second historic rehab of a former middle school by the developer who completed the Phillips Lofts project. The developer intends to create 64 market-rate units.

Other Areas of Growth

Gowrie, one community in greater Fort Dodge, is seeing significant growth. The most recent development in Gowrie is a series of improved lots ready for building new homes. There are ten improved lots listed at a price of $29,900 per lot with generous lot sizes of 90’ x 140’. The new lots are in an addition called Wiley Plat 2. This is an extension of a previous Wiley Addition development that has been filled. Conveniently located in Southwest Webster County between Fort Dodge and Jefferson, many people are finding Gowrie to be the ideal location to build.

Gowrie offers a long list of incentives for building including grant funds up to $40,000 or residential tax abatements over 10 years for new home construction. Gowrie Municipal Utilities provide electrical meter and water connection incentives and citywide electrical redundancy with back-up generators for power outages. Energy rebates and free telephone hookups are other popular incentives.  

Fort Dodge is Pro-growth

Developers, investors and businesses are welcome in Fort Dodge. Our community is pro-growth and organizations like The Alliance and the City of Fort Dodge are working to make it easier to launch projects. Contact us for more information on doing business in our community, or to learn more about living and working in greater Fort Dodge.

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