MNW graduates 48

MNW graduates 48 Main Photo

22 Jun 2020

Chad Thompson

Decisions matter is one of the life lessons Major Johnson shared with her classmates during the Manson Northwest Webster High School graduation ceremony on Saturday.

“Every decision you make will have an impact on someone, somewhere at some point in time,” said Johnson, one of three class speakers who earned a perfect 4.0 grade-point average all four years of high school.

Kindness was another lesson she shared.

“Kindness always speaks volumes,” Johnson said.

Johnson said everything happens for a reason, alluding to not only the COVID-19 pandemic that cut her senior year short, but other challenges the class has faced.

“Every failure and success has made you who you are today,” she said.

Not letting others determine your success or failure and picking a good group of friends were other lessons highlighted by Johnson.

Matthew Helmers, the second class speaker, said the class of 2020 was born into challenges.

“It’s unfortunate that our senior year was cut short by an unforeseeable pandemic,” he said. “However, I believe this is fitting for the class of 2020. When times get tough, the tough get going, and we are moving right along.

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