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19 Jun 2020

Bill Shea

The new owner of Crossroads Mall in Fort Dodge appears to be moving closer to redeveloping the site.

Crossroads Plaza Development LLC, of Ankeny, is asking city officials to change the zoning designation of the property.The requested change would then allow the company to move forward with converting the site into an area with multiple uses, including stores, offices, apartments, a gas station, a medical facility and a hotel. The plans also call for a 10,000-square-foot green space near the middle of the complex.

The site has been renamed Corridor Plaza.

The new owners bought the site from Namdar Realty Group, Mason Asset Management and CH Capital, all of Great Neck, New York, in a roughly $3.3 million deal that closed in March.

When the deal was announced, Ben Garrett, development director of DCI Group, one of the firms that makes up Corridor Plaza Development, said “We want to make this the focal point of the community for retail.”

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